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Factory Direct Supply Industrial-grade Dedicated 220v Electric Welding Machine

Introducing our latest innovation in welding technology, the high-quality and easy-to-operate welding machine. Developed by our strong technical team through high-tech research and development, this welding machine is not only practical but also beautiful in design.

    Product Parameters

    Rated Input Voltage 1P 230V+_15%
    Actual useable current 120A
    Rated Frequency 50/60hz
    No-load voltage(V) 68
    Rated duty cycle(40℃) 60%
    Input capacity(KVA) 4.7
    Perfect usable welding wire/rod 1.6-4.0
    Visible cable 1.5m
    Holder/Clamp 200A
    Machine Meas. 24.5*10.5*17.5cm
    Weight (KG) 3.2KG
    Motor Type DC MOTOR
    Protection Degree IP21S
    Type IGBT 1PCB
    Packaging Details color box+foam

    Product Display

    New product launch ZX73-06i0m
    New product launch ZX73-16ffc
    New product launch ZX73-26f1d
    New product launch ZX73-36ylv

    Production process and quality control

    The shell of the machine has been meticulously developed using professional technology, with metal sheets processed through shearing, bending, punching, and other precision processes. This ensures the protection of internal equipment and components, as well as the safety of circuit boards and precision components. The machine also features heat dissipation and shielding functions, guaranteeing stable and safe operation.

    In addition, we are continuously improving the electronic configuration and upgrading the components of the welding machine to enhance its stability and performance. High power transformers are used to supply voltage and current, while rectifiers employing semiconductor devices convert AC to DC. Large capacity capacitors ensure smooth current flow, and high-quality circuit boards are utilized for control and monitoring of the welding process.

    These core components work together to allow the welder to convert the heat generated by the high-temperature arc into energy for welding metal. As a result, our welding machine is widely used in welding engineering, manufacturing, and repair industries for welding metal components, repairing damaged parts, and manufacturing and repairing various equipment and structures.

    With its advanced features and high-quality construction, our welding machine is a versatile and reliable tool for professionals in the industry. We are committed to excellence and ensuring the safety, stability, and efficiency of our products, and the development of this welding machine is a testament to our dedication to delivering superior technology to our customers.

    Whether you need to weld metal components, repair damaged parts, or work on various equipment and structures, our welding machine is the ideal solution. Experience the power of high-tech innovation and precision engineering with our welding machine and take your welding operations to the next level.

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