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MMA 250 arc Welding Machine Portable iron Welding Machine

We are a manufacturer independently developed and produced. Each welding machine is composed of countless small parts. From the procurement of raw materials to the processing of a whole welding machine, we need to go through strict assessment and inspection. Purchased from raw materials, such as aluminum, copper, and some electronic components, wires, circuit boards, transformers, etc., we will arrange IQC to inspect the quality of raw materials. After passing the inspection, we will arrange online production.

    Product Parameters

    Rated Input Voltage 1P 230V+_15%
    Actual useable current 120A
    Rated Frequency 50/60hz
    No-load voltage(V) 68
    Rated duty cycle(40℃) 60%
    Input capacity(KVA) 4.7
    Perfect usable welding wire/rod 1.6-4.0
    Visible cable 1.5m
    Holder/Clamp 200A
    Machine Meas. 24.5*10.5*17.5cm
    Weight (KG) 3.1KG
    Motor Type DC MOTOR
    Protection Degree IP21S
    Type IGBT 1PCB
    Packaging Details color box+foam

    Product Display

    New product launch ZX73-06icw
    New product launch ZX73-16vis
    New product launch ZX73-26p51
    New product launch ZX73-3617j

    echnological process

    Every procedure in the production process will be tested by our professional inspectors IOC.

    For example, for circuit board assembly, we need to assemble the circuit board with various components, including connecting lines, installing potentiometers, transformers, capacitors and other components, and finally forming a complete circuit board assembly. Our professional testers will conduct circuit tests to ensure that the welding machine has good performance and stability. Qualitative.

    After passing the circuit board inspection, the chassis is assembled. The chassis is made of painted iron plates. It requires chassis installation, line connection, overall assembly and other steps to finally form a complete welding machine equipment.

    Then we will test the current and voltage. Voltage and current are the core parameters of the welding machine. After production, we need to carry out real measurement and calibration of voltage and current to ensure that the equipment meets international standards and quality requirements.

    The testing and inspection of product functions will be tested by our FQC, such as assembly inspection, non-electric on-off inspection, baking machine and factory welding process.

    Our OQC quality inspector will inspect all products according to the production batch, and the qualified products will be packaged and put into storage.

    The production process of electric welding machine has gone through many key steps and requires multi-link quality control and management. Qualified welding machine has good performance and stability. It is a welding equipment widely used in the industrial field and has been recognised and trusted by the majority of users.

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